For an Office Fit-out with Recycled Material in Auckland, Call ODG

With increased awareness of rising global environmental issues, for those who are planning an office fit-out, recycled material in Auckland is key. Residential and commercial buildings are responsible for a significant percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, and the problem is set to become even more serious. That means that whether you’re building a new office or refurbishing an existing space, it’s essential to choose recyclable and recycled materials whenever possible and work with a design company that shares your environmentally responsible values. Office Design Group is that company.

Problems Office Fit-Out with Recycled Material in NZ Addresses

Why is it so important to use recycled materials in interior design? There are several problems you can address with this one simple practice. Some of these problems include:

  • Too high an environmental impact. Too often, interior design includes non-renewable or non-recycled materials, resulting in a significant negative impact on the planet. We use recycled materials whenever possible, to reduce our carbon footprint and help make the earth healthier in every way we can.
  • Excessive waste. When it comes to waste reduction, interior designers have a lot of power. Our resources are limited, so discarding materials thoughtlessly is a dangerous mentality. Whenever we can give items and materials new life, we should.
  • Unhealthy environments. Many new materials release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air for a period after they are manufactured. These VOCs are known to be toxic. Recycled materials are older and have already released most of their VOCs.

What Sets Office Design Group Apart Regarding Office Fit-Out with Recycled Material in NZ

At Office Design Group, we are an independent, family-owned, boutique service. Our team of handpicked, qualified tradespeople have the experience and knowledge they need to complete your project on time and budget – and correctly the first time. Here are a few of the things that set us apart from the competition.

  • Design. We’ll work closely with you to understand who you are, your corporate culture and identity, ergonomics, working processes, and business goals, helping to create solutions to bring you the best results possible.
  • No hidden fees. You’ll never find any surprise expenses when you work with us. We’ll be completely transparent every step of the way. We’ll get your budget right the first time around, and the fixed-price quote we give you is our commitment.
  • Personal service. You’ll find that, at Office Design Group, we are 100% committed to our clients. Whether you need one chair or a full multi-level fit-out, we’ll be there for you to help ensure your satisfaction and success.

About Office Design Group

Office Design Group is a husband/wife family-run business offering design, consulting, project management, and more when it comes to new and existing building fit-outs and refurbs. We can handle small and large jobs and do so with the same level of attention to detail and client care. We are passionate about protecting the environment as we work, so we used recycled materials whenever possible to provide you with top-quality, guilt-free office design. Contact us today to get started.