Office Design Group in Auckland Can Fit Out Your Commercial Spaces

Office Design Group had been in the commercial renovation business for over 15 years, providing fit-outs and office design in Auckland. Our experienced commercial interior designers will help you create an efficient office, one both your employees and clients will love to spend time in. We handle all aspects of your renovations from the design and planning, to dealing with logistics and the fit out itself.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Office Design and Fit Out

Through our long and successful tenure in the commercial industrial design sector, we have set ourselves apart in several important ways. Among these are the following:

  • We are dedicated to providing personal service for our clients, even in the smallest of fit outs. This includes keeping you informed during every aspect of the job, from the initial planning stages to the fit out itself.
  • Part of this personal service includes our transparency with the budget. This begins with our fixed price quote, ensuring that you are informed of the total invoiced cost. We don’t charge hidden fees because it is important to us that our clients know where every dollar is going.
  • We handle all the logistics, including any necessary permits and managing subcontractors.

The Benefit of Our Office Design and Fit Out Services

Businesses can change a great deal over time. Their size and focus can grow into related sectors, or they can become leaner and more specialised. All these changes can lead to an office space that is ill-suited for your current, and future, needs. The ever-growing role and increasing importance of technology only adds more ways that your current office might be inadequate for your needs. Here are a few of the benefits of our fit outs:

  • When a business first starts, it is often more interested in obtaining any office space than in creating one that perfectly fits with the company’s guiding principles and mission. As it grows, this likely changes and many of our customers are businesses in this position, ready for an office that truly belongs to their company.
  • Our commercial interior designers go beyond the simple aesthetics of your new office. They have extensive experience creating beautifully crafted spaces that aid in the efficiency of the work your employees perform.
  • All too often, offices are drab and seemingly lifeless places. This can have a negative effect on employee morale, leading to lower productivity and less happiness with their jobs. Your clients pay attention to your office décor as well. You want to ensure that they feel welcome, to encourage them to keep using your company.

Why Our Office Design and Fit Out Services are Cost-Effective

Our services are cost-effective in several ways. We are committed to transparent pricing that lets you see exactly where your money has gone. Coupling this with our fixed price quotes, and you can be certain that there will be no surprise billing. Renovating your office design with a new fit out will help it run more efficiently and become a place your employees are happy to work in, further increasing its cost-effectiveness. To get a free quote or to learn more about what we can do for you with a gallery of our past clients’ commercial spaces, contact us.