Office Design Group Can Provide a Hard Fitout in Auckland for Your Office

Office Design Group has been providing commercial interiors for over 15 years, and that includes hard fitouts in Auckland. Whether you are moving into a new space or just want to refurbish your existing office plan to keep up with the changing needs of your business, you can trust us with your hard fitout in NZ. We are dedicated to offering personal service, ensuring that our customers get exactly what they want, and with our fixed quotes and transparent invoices, you will know where every dollar went.

The Importance of a Hard Fitout in NZ

Interior design is a lot like the fashion industry, where trends come and go. Couple that with the changing role of technology in the workplace and an office designed to tackle the world of the 1990s – or even the 2000s – can easily become a hindrance to the workflow of today. Beyond that, you want an office that your employees and clients will enjoy working in, something special that fits your company and its unique outlook. Here are a few of the ways our fitouts can help improve your office:

  • Our experienced commercial designers understand how to use their skills to give you an office that will improve productivity, staff morale and motivation, as well as customer relationships. All the while, they will keep their minds on cost efficiencies. We understand the importance of value.
  • We begin by working closely with you to learn who you are as a client, your corporate culture, field of work, and so on. From here, we can help guide you to a fitout that will meet your needs, keeping you well informed throughout the process.
  • All the planning is handled by us. Having been in the industry for over 15 years, we are adept at handling the logistics of your fit out. This includes obtaining all the necessary documentation, finalising the contractors and filing necessary council applications.

Tips Regarding A Hard Fitout in NZ for Your Office

A hard fitout is one that includes more than just a change in furnishing. It is often the best option for when you are moving to a new location or have an office in need of major upgrades. Consider the following tips when you are thinking about a new fitout for your office:

  • We offer both hard and soft fitouts to handle all your office renovation needs. If you are unsure about the best options for you, our experienced commercial interior designers can help.
  • Give some thought to how your employees work in your existing office and the ways you want that to change with the renovations. This will help us during the design process.
  • Don’t forget about the future. If you have been in business for a while, you will have direct experience with the changing workplace. Think about how your business’ technology and personnel needs will change in the future when considering a fit out, to ensure that your new office will work then, not just now.

Why Trust Office Design Group Regarding a Hard Fitout in NZ

Our clients trust us because of our extensive experience, as well as the quality of our designs and how they improve office efficiency and employee morale. Contact us to learn more about our commercial interiors services and look at some of the examples from our gallery to see how we can transform your office.