Create the Ideal Office with Commercial Interior Design in Auckland

When renovating or setting up a new office space, employing good commercial interior design in Auckland is a must. Making the space look its best is only one reason to invest in strong design; it’s also essential to think about how your design decisions will impact employees and even clients who come by to visit your premises. Good design is about more than flashy, trendy installations, open concepts, or minimalism; it’s about creating a functional space that reflects the needs and character of your business. With the Office Design Group on your side, creating superb office interiors in Auckland is a straightforward process. 

The Benefits of Using Our Commercial Interior Designers in Auckland

What does our team of professionals bring to the table for your business? Aside from a decade and a half of experience, we can provide services that stand out and offer benefits that include:

  • Access to a very well-defined process that enables business owners to understand precisely where they are at in the project process. From developing your brief to researching design possibilities to executing your fit out project, we provide clarity and understanding through regular client updates. We don’t keep you in the dark.
  • A well-developed sense of design and functionality, creating an understanding of how to make offices that are fun and visually interesting to visit and work in without compromising the actual ability to do work. Designs that age well and come with few maintenance challenges are important to us, too.
  • Complete project management, so none of the troublesome details are left in your hands. Don’t want to focus on the approvals process because a pressing business milestone is on the horizon? Don’t! We’ll handle it all, including acquiring tenders, coordinating with sub-contractors, and ensuring it’s all presented transparently to your team.

Problems That Experience with Commercial Interiors in NZ Can Address

If you have ever tried to handle the process of designing and fitting out office interiors in NZ all by yourself, then you know it can be a project of overwhelming size and scope. It’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. With the experience found in the Office Design Group on your side, though, you can easily avoid problems such as:

  • Designs that look good but aren’t truly functional for your employees. Poor design decisions can hamper the flow of information between staff, make the workspace uncomfortable, and ultimately have a negative effect on morale — the opposite of your intent. A visually impressive office is important, but not if it comes at the expense of functionality.
  • Projects that balloon over budget once the actual work on the ground begins. You deserve to be able to put your full faith and confidence in a project estimate, not spend time worrying that you’ll have to go back into the company’s coffers.
  • Lack of communication from your fit out partner. When will the installation begin? When will it end? Is that hard-to-find piece of furniture available for your office? If you aren’t receiving answers to all the many questions you’ll have during a project, you aren’t receiving superior service.

From start to finish, we aim to provide the complete service you require.

Why the Office Design Group is a Cost-Effective Choice

Accurate quoting is incredibly important to us. For most major items, we provide fixed cost quotes to allow you to budget with accuracy and certainty. In other areas, we continue to provide up to date estimates while maintaining full transparency in terms of what your spend buys. With these efforts in place, you can invest with confidence. Ready to learn more about commercial interiors in Auckland? Get in touch with the team today.