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Choose our independent, personalised, boutique service, working with a team of selected qualified trades people.
Family run with over 15 years of experience in the building industry qualified designers an project managers.
We work for you and we love what we do.



“Before designing your work environment we look closely at who you are as a client: What is the field of work, the corporate culture and identity, working processes, ergonomics, the aim for the future, improving and accomplishing the best result possible within your budget.


This process is executed in a close relationship with our client combining and integrating all aspects for a complete satisfying design. Elements like lighting, colour, furnishing, work tools, acoustics, materials, flooring are all put together like strings in a concert piece to a complete harmony. On top we give you an image, a soul put into the built space, a work environment every employee will envy you for. Design is my passion, creating spaces where ones needs and well-being are nourished and performance is maximised. I am excited to hear about your new project.”



At ODG we pride ourselves on getting the budget right!

We offer fixed prices quotes on most of the hard fit-out items and subcontractor costs are clearly quoted and invoiced. Its important to us that our clients know where every dollar is going.



At ODG we are dedicated to our clients. From a multi level fit-out to supplying a single chair, our team including the owners are there for you.

What can design do for our client?

There are many ways design can help a business perform more strongly, from improving image (internally and externally), innovating products or services, through to enhancing overall efficiency and saving money.

Companies of different sizes and from different sectors have worked with designers to improve their performance during challenging conditions. Innovative workspaces can have a direct and beneficial effect of staff productivity and creativity.  Not only does the staff performance benefit, good workplace design can also help shape an organizations’ culture and improve corporate image, speed up information flow and nurture innovation.
The ROI should be measurable.

An overview of our process.


Our initial chat we begin by creating a detailed brief to understand your


We create of our our final design concept and talk it through with you, make changes and clearly define the ‘scope of works’ and re-evaluate your budget accordingly.


In this step all the necessary documentation is generated, contractors are finalised and any council applications filed.


The list is long this is were it all comes together….

Read more about our process....

You tell us:
  • How you and your staff work?
  • What image you wish to project
  • What your future plans are
  • Your requirements for areas such as reception and boardrooms
  • Your budget
  • Your timeframe
  • How important is sustainability and environmental reporting?
  • Does your company have any special OSH requirements
We supply:
  • A written Brief summary of your plans
  • A basic site survey of the existing space
  • budget estimations based on the brief

We do our homework by:
  • Conducting a thorough site survey to measure the available space and review your existing furnishings
  • Studying the way your staff work together
  • Researching the equipment you need
  • Investigating your storage requirements
  • Listening to your plans for future growth conducting ergonomic and feasibility studies, if necessary
  • Talking to our many furniture, fabric and fit-out suppliers to source products and materials appropriate for your job
We supply:
  • Concept drawings
  • Product samples
  • Complete quote
  • Detailed design and construction contract
  • Time line and payment schedule

As the projects kicks into gear we manage all and update contractors and our client.
Our project managers are available 24/7.

We get the ball rolling:
  • Assembling quotes from required contractors 
  • Amending documentation as changes are required
  • Finalise all budgets
  • Organise Project Management and finalise start dates
We supply:
  • Demolition plans
  • Partition plans
  • Power & Data plans
  • Reflected ceiling and Lighting plans
  • Air conditioning
  • Fire Services reports
  • Flooring Security
  • Plumbing and Schematic
  • Cabinetry drawings
  • Signage drawings
  • Building consent applications

  • Ensure your quality standards, deadlines and budgets are met
  • Apply for building consents and fire reports
  • Approve tenders
  • Address health and safety issues
  • Oversee demolition plans and construction specifications, including air conditioning, plumbing, security, signage and electrical, lighting and data requirements
  • Organise design details such as colour schemes, flooring finishes and joinery
  • Supply furniture, soft furnishings and artworks
  • Liaise with architects, developers and construction companies
  • Coordinate with our pool of efficient and reliable subcontractors
  • Create critical paths to ensure your project is proceeding according to plan
  • Organise the clean-up
  • Conduct a final inspection

Design Services

We’re aware that you have a business to run, so we will take the stress out of your office renovation or relocation. No matter how big or small, put your project in our hands and our professional expertise and attention to detail will save you time and money and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

New & Existing Building Fitouts & Refurbishments

  • Conceptual Design Proposals & Schematic Layouts
  • Spatial Planning
  • Hard Fitout Detailing
  • Building works
  • Soft Fitout – Furniture, fixtures & fittings
  • Marketing Plans
  • Tender & Construction Documentation
  • Building Works
  • Project Management

Feasibility Studies

  • Site Surveys
  • Existing furniture audits & usability assessments
  • Budgetary estimations

Custom Design Furniture

  • Concept designs for unique installations
  • Consultations
  • Custom designed cabinetry
  • Manufacturing


The right office design can help improve productivity, staff morale and motivation, cost efficiency, and customer relationships.


Our specialist boutique service to your requirements with attention to detail from start to finish, a balance of style and function, giving you a unique result that contributes to the success of your business.



We see through that the design in our working drawings gets transformed into reality on highest quality standards.


During the whole process we communicate, get tenders, liaise with contractors and ensure with our transparent cost and time schedule in place that you are informed and hindrances get sorted. That we personally care for.


Our commercial interior designers are here to bring your space to life! They work with you to create a design concept that works.


Detailed plans and our knowledgeable expertise ensure a carefree ‘its been taken care of’- assurance for a smooth process.

When it comes to interior design, like fashion, trends come and go.

But there are crucial design elements, which can be incorporated into your business to help you create a special encounter. The principles of design are based on proportion and functionality. By understanding these principals and honing in on the desired goal of what you want your clients to experience, and what your clients want, good design can produce a unique business, which will stand the test of flippant time that trends fall into.
There are many progressive design and construct directions to be considered in the interior fit out of a business. Always start with a good design, firm understanding of your budget and what you are trying to achieve for the end user – your employees and your clients.


Early planning is the key!

Our vibrant diverse approach means we blend the big picture with attention to detail, the balance of style and function to create our special mark of excellence giving you a unique result that contributes to the success of your business.


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